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写真でみる生命科学(University of Tokyo Press)


August 2008
University of Tokyo Press


August 2012
Nishimura Co., Ltd.

Educational Materials (These services are no longer available)

(Textbook App)

We have developed a bookshelf app for those who are looking for natural science educational materials in English. With this app, you can download the translated English edition of the textbooks in Japanese for free. Original textbooks in Japanese are the textbooks used in the lectures for natural sciences at the University of Tokyo. The bookshelf contains the following 3 textbooks.

NatSciBooks (Textbook App)
Web textbook

Web textbook

We have developed life science web textbooks in English for international students and Japanese students who want to study life sciences in English. A dictionary function is introduced, which provides Japanese translations for English terms. In addition, explanations using colored figures and animations are provided to help students understand each topic.

LS-EDI (Image/Movie Database)

(Image/Movie Database)

We have developed a database of image and movie files in life sciences. All images are colored to make it easy for users to comprehend the materials, and topics explained in short movies are well-explained by the professors from the University of Tokyo. All items can be downloaded, free of charge, for academic use.

LS Cube (Online e-Learning System)

LS cube
(Online e-Learning System)

We have developed an online e-learning system for life sciences. In this system, students will create their own accounts, and login to solve practice problems for reviewing topics covered in the life science courses offered in the University of Tokyo.

CSLS search (Search Engine)

CSLS search
(Search Engine)

We have developed a search engine for publications in academic journals for life sciences. This system implements a function that allows users to save search histories, and personalize the searching process to make it convenient for finding literature and publications.