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Members of the Division of Advanced Education in Science

Members of the Division of Advanced Education in Science are made up of the faculty, which specialize in biological, chemical and physical.

Moritoshi Sato, PhD
group leader, Professor

Moritoshi Sato, PhDLab HP

Research interest new molecular tools for fluorescence imaging, optogenetics and genome editing.
Research area Bioanalytical chemistry

Hajime Wada, PhD

Hajime Wada, PhDLab HP

Research interest biosynthesis and function of membrane lipids in photosynthetic organisms such as cyanobacteria and higher plants.
Research area Plant Biology; Lipid Biochemistry; Molecular Biology

Yoshio Torii, PhD
Associate Professor

Yoshio Torii, PhDLab HP

Research interest development of new laser cooling and trapping techniques, ultra-stable lasers, and demonstration experiments in physics.
Research area Atomic Physics, Quantum Electronics

Isao Kashima, PhD
Project Associate Professor

Isao Kashima, PhD

Research interest lectures, teaching materials and education support system that can give the interest in natural science for the students in general as well as the students in natural science majors.
Research area RNA biology

Yuki Nakamura, PhD
Project Assistant Professor

Yuki Nakamura, PhD

Research interest development of catalytic reactions and methods for organic synthesis. Currently working on the development of heterogeneous catalytic reactions using zeolites. Research area Organic Chemistry; Organometallic Chemistry; Organic Synthesis

Mayumi Hori, PhD
Project Assistant Professor

Mayumi Hori, PhDHP

Research interest development of innovative quantitative analysis method for environmental toxic substances, and its application to environmental dynamic analysis and pollution mechanism. Research area Environmental Analytical Chemistry