Educational Support

We provide educational support to ES in PEAK

ADVES is engaged to promote internationalization on campus. As one of the main approaches, we provide educational support to ES (The International Program on Environmental Sciences) in PEAK (Programs in English at Komaba), the English programs in College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Tokyo, through teaching practical and lecture courses as well as developing educational materials.

For every course, office hours are set up to help students digest the topics covered in the course as well as to provide academic counseling for students upon their requests.

Educational Support to PEAK


Every year, we offer the following 3 courses for 2nd to 4th year ES undergraduate students in PEAK: 1 organic chemistry and 2 chemistry practical courses.

Materials Chemistry I
Lecture on organic chemistry. This course is offered in spring semester as a compulsory course for ES in PEAK.
Experiments in Environmental Sciences I
Practical course in chemistry and biology. This course is offered in spring semester as a compulsory course for ES in PEAK. It was launched by ADVES in Spring 2014, and the lab manuals were prepared for both chemistry and biology experiments. Initially, both chemistry and biology experiments were offered by ADVES; however, we currently offer chemistry experiments.
Experiments in Environmental Sciences II-(b)
Practical course in chemistry. This course is offered in fall semester as an elective course for ES in PEAK. It was launched by ADVES in Spring 2015, and we have prepared the lab manuals for the course.

Office Hours

For every course we offer, Materials Chemistry I, Experiments in Environmental Sciences I, and II-(b), we hold office hours in our Study Space. Students can casually walk in to ask questions, and use the space to study on their own. Only 1 semester of organic chemistry course, Materials Chemistry I, is offered in PEAK, which makes it difficult for students to digest all of the course materials within a limited time during the lectures. To compensate for this situation, we hold 2 hours of office hours per week.

Every year, many students make use of the office hours to ask questions about the lectures, assignments, and exams. Moreover, we also welcome questions regarding research and other activities on campus, and offer academic counseling for students upon requests. By creating an open atmosphere, we are trying to make it easy for students to reach us.

Office Hours

Lab Manuals

We have edited the following 3 lab manuals for chemistry practical courses. For further details, please see Textbooks.

Academic Counseling

Every year, PEAK students who have taken one or more of the courses offered by ADVES visit our office for academic counseling. In most cases, students seek advice regarding graduate school and/or studying abroad. We also receive requests for writing letters of recommendation for scholarships, programs for studying abroad, and application for graduate schools overseas.

Up to this point, all of the students who came to ask for letters of recommendation have won scholarships, studied abroad at institutes of their first choices, and got accepted to the graduate programs of top universities. We receive many happy news and positive feedbacks from the students each year.