Lesson from a tea cup 2021A


Lesson from a tea cup 2021A

科目区分:主題科目 全学自由研究ゼミナール


  • オンラインのみの履修で単位取得可能
  • 対面教室への参加希望者多数の場合抽選
  • オンラインガイダンス10月5日(火)4時限目
  • 詳細は、下記0〜2.を確認

0. ガイダンス日時

授業初回10月5日(火)にてオンライン形式のみで実施します。Zoom URLは、UTASシラバスのオンライン授業URLを確認してください。

1. 問い合わせ先(学生から教員へ)

– 本授業メールアドレス:

2. お知らせ周知方法(教員から学生へ)

初回ガイダンス終了するまでは、 に随時最新情報を発信します。

② 初回ガイダンス終了後、履修登録可能な学生を本授業のGoogle Classroomへ招待します。授業の重要かつ具体的な連絡、授業資料・課題の配布等、などはGoogle Classroomを利用します。


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Lesson from a tea cup 2021A
Target: Students in any division who are interested in this class are welcome.
Course Code: 51298
Term/Semester: A

To students who are considering taking this class

  • Credit can be earned either online-only or by attending face-to-face.
  • Students who can participate in the face-to-face class will be selected, If the number of students who wish to participate in the face-to-face class exceeds the capacity.
  • Online zoom guidance Tuesday, October 5, 14:55 – 16:40
  • For details, check 0-2. below

0. Guidance

Class guidance will be conducted online on Tuesday, October 5, the first day of this course. Please check the online session URL in the UTAS syllabus.

1. Contact information (from students to faculty)

– Email:
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

2. Class communication (from faculty to students)

1) Until the number of students who can register for the class is confirmed (until the selection process is completed), the latest information will be sent to as needed.

2) After the selection process is complete, only students who are eligible to take the class will be invited to Google Classroom for this class. Our Google Classroom will be used for specific communication about the course, distribution of course materials and assignments, etc.

For individual communications that do not need to be shared with the entire class, email ( will be used.

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