Environmental Chemistry


Experiment in Environmental Chemistry


-Exploring Water Around Us
via Chemical Analysis-


On the final day of the course, each student will give a presentation to share their findings. Each presenter will be evaluated through 360-degree feedback, including peer reviews from other students. Through this process, students will experience research process, and deepen their understanding towards how to design and carry out research. Every year, we receive positive feedbacks from students for letting them freely explore their own projects by providing various resources and thorough support.

実習スケジュールCourse Schedule


This course is held over 4 full days as an intensive practical course. In Fall 2020, the course was entirely offered online due to the impact of COVID-19. To maintain students' focus, the course schedule was spread over 3 months by partially altering its contents.

日程 AM PM
  • ○ 実習日よりも前に採水
  • ○ 経時変化の観察
Day 1
  • ⓪ 知識の共有
  • ① 試料選定・サンプリング
  • ② 五感を使って水の状態を調べる(利き水)
  • ③ 定性・半定量分析(簡易分析、パックテスト)
Day 2 どんなことを調べるか実験内容を考える
  • ③ 定性・半定量分析(簡易分析、パックテスト)
  • ④ 定量分析
  • ⑤ 結果考察
Day 3
  • ⑥ 考察、プレゼンテーション資料作成
  • ⑦ 追加実験、文献サーチ
  • ⑧ プレゼン資料チェック
Day 4
  • ⑥ プレゼンテーション資料作成
  • ⑨ 発表練習
  • ⑩ プレゼンテーション(ピアレビュー方式)
Schedule AM PM
Prior to the course
  • - Sampling water
  • - Time-course analysis
Day 1
  • ⓪ Lecture on basic knowledge
  • ① Selecting samples・sampling
  • ② Blind water taste test
  • ③ Qualitative・semi-quantitative analysis
Day 2 Planning and designing experiment
  • ③ Qualitative・semi-quantitative analysis
  • ④ Quantitative analysis
  • ⑤ Data analysis and discussion
Day 3
  • ⑥ Discussion・making presentation slides
  • ⑦ Additional experiments・literature search
  • ⑧ Presentation slide check
Day 4
  • ⑥ Making presentation slides
  • ⑨ Presentation practice
  • ⑩ Presentation (peer-review and 360-degree feedback)

Course Materials



We have developed lab manuals (in Japanese) for the intensive practical course, "Experiment in Environmental Chemistry ーExploring Water Around Us via Chemical Analysisー" and the long-term practical course, "Exploring Water at Komaba-Experiencing Research in ADVES Lab-


See Textbooks for more details.


実習書「身近な環境化学実習」Lab Manual for Experiment in
Environmental Chemistry (in Japanese)


We have prepared the lab manual for the intensive practical course, "Experiment in Environmental Chemistry -Exploring Water Around Us via Chemical Analysis-" and the long-term practical course, "Exploring Water of Komaba Campus -Experiencing Research at ADVES Lab-."

See Educational Materials for more details.

これまでの取り組み紹介冊子「身近な環境化学実習 2016–2020」
Brochure for the Practical Course, Experiment in Environmental Chemistry 2016–2020 (in Japanese)
We have summarized our achievements for developing the practical course, "Experiment in Environmental Chemistry ーExploring Water Around Us via Chemical Analysisー” in a brochure, which was issued in March 2021.
Check out our brochure here (written in Japanese)
「身近な環境化学実習 2016–2020」